Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fat Bomb

Low carb living–but Have a sweet tooth craving?miss those delicious reese’s peanut butter cup? Try a #fatbomb here is my go to simple recipe:
1) 4 tbsp peanut butter (or other nut butter)
2) 4 tbsp coconut oil
3)2 tbsp raw cocoa
4) 4 tbsp of melted butter (#kerrygold 󾌧)
5) stevia if needed (taste before adding and see….for mine there was no need…sweet enough).

🔅melt butter 🔅blend ingredients 🔅pour into something that can be transported into freezer for 20 minutes 󾰑⌛️ hardest part is the wait⌚️ after 20 minutes enjoy!  Choc PB Fat Bomb

Recipe Friday. Grain Free Bread

Simple Grain/Gluten Free Bread!
5 eggs
2 cups cashews
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp coconut flour
1tsp baking soda
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

󾥤Preheat oven to 375.
󾥤Blend all the above ingredients in blender for sixty seconds (except the vinegar).
󾥤Now add in apple cider vinegar for 10 seconds.
󾥤Pour in batter and cook for 45 minutes

Grain Free Bed


Quote of the day, be who you are meant to be

Quote of the day:There is a hero within you waiting to be awakened. Some were born to be the hero of a story of epic proportions, others perhaps the hero for one small child…. Both require a hero’s soul and have a hero’s call…The tragedy is if you try to be everything and do everything, you may so diffuse your effect that you will not optimize who … you [were meant] to be and what [you were] created … to accomplish. This is why you need convergence. You need to bring together all of your talents, gifts, passions, intellect, energy, time, and resources and harness them in such a way that you focus on the mission….

Erwin McManus

Re-grow your veggie scraps!

No seeds required!

1) Save leftover celery & green onion scraps

2) place in water till little white roots appear…usually takes a week

3) change water daily

4) after roots appear, place in pot or garden

*tip: for celery, I remove the out layers. Seems to help with survival rate…mine is about 50%*

*tip: no garden, no worries! These scraps grow great in containers*

5) enjoy fresh homegrown veggies!


  Re-Grow Celery. Place in Fresh water daily and wait for white roots to grow Remove outer shell. Plant celery in patio Garden  or
 celery in garden bed
Green onions:

  trim off extra stuff and anything that is dead
  plant enjoy green onions in your garden bed or patio garden!

Nourish your garden’s soil with this simple tip

dont toss leftover coffee grinds & eggshells! Save them & nourish your garden
Don’t toss leftover coffee grinds & eggshells! Save them & nourish your garden
Every morning, just like the sun rises, I drink coffee and make eggs.  Instead of throwing away my grinds & shells, I save them and place in my garden bed.

Why Eggs.
Eggs shells adds valuable nutrients to the soil; in particular, calcium.  Calcium is vital in cell growth for a healthy and abundant garden.

Rinse the egg shells before placing in garden bed, that way no nasty ants eat the remains.

Why Coffee.
Because coffee makes everything better (duh) and naturally repels ants, slugs, and gives the soil a nitrogen boost.

Mix coffee grounds into top layer of soil to avoid grounds drying out.  The dried grounds may repel water!

All you need is less and a dream


And in this moment, watching the sunset over the water, I felt all I needed was within and surrounding me.

Nature frequently was calling out to me. Up until recent, it was like there had been static on my end and I never picked up. In the time spent photographing the above pictured sunset, I didn’t want to be anywhere else and it didn’t matter what else was going on outside that present moment. I left camping that weekend asking myself, “how can I connect with inner peace like that on a more frequent basis?”

Shortly after I started making conscience efforts to plug into nature, I started to miss it when I was back in the concrete jungle. I did my best to appreciate the trees, sunrises, sunsets, flowers and limited wildlife, but the reality was – I felt out of place. I grew hyper aware to this feeling as time passed. What kind of action could be done to stay true to this calling?

Then, it hit me! Like an epiphany whilst driving home from work on a Friday.  I COULD LIVE IN NATURE MOST ALL OF THE TIME. I just had to sell the house, find a more simple way of life, and the right location. Ok…how’s that going to happen?

I first put it out to the Universe by saying it out loud and picturing my dream. I then trusted the process with some action and put word out that I was looking for some land to rent. This was happening around March and by May the house was sold, signed off on, RV purchased, delivery scheduled, and plot secured. It was time to pare down and embrace an against the grain lifestyle to be more closely connected with nature.