Peel-N-Stick Vinyl Flooring – DIY EASY

This was done in an RV, but as a previous home owner, I wish I had thought of this for bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms, hallways, or anywhere I wanted an update that won’t cost an arm and a leg. This has held up better than my hardwood floors that were installed in my previous home (although: resale value in a home is something to consider when investing time and money in a project).

DIY flooring (approximate time: 5 hours total):

1.) Configure square footage – I ordered 6 boxes with 10 vinyl planks each to do floor, bathroom and an accent wall by the bunk beds (total = $120) off eBay (self-adhesive vinyl planks hardwood wood Peel’ N Stick Floor Tiles – 10 pieces) in silver spruce for about a 24′ long RV x 7’8″ wide (at max for flooring installments).

2.) Ruler

3.) Exacto knife or paper cutter (scissors will work just not as precise or clean of cuts with the scissors I had).

I was able to install all flooring onto of previous flooring in less than 5 hours over a 2 day period. The bathroom and accent wall took the longest due to more detailed measurements for cutting. I did clean the original flooring as thoroughly as possible, but not to the extent of buying any new cleaners. Then, I laid out sections at a time, peeled the plank following the instructions, and stuck the new flooring right onto the previous vinyl flooring and couldn’t be happier with the end product! I bought this flooring on eBay and it has been wonderful. It survived the hot TX summer, has held up to full-time RV living, the dog’s claws have done no damage, dirt is not very noticeable (determining factor in picking silver spruce color), holds up to generic cleaning chemicals, and survives my cooking spills. I highly recommend something where the flooring says water will not be absorbed. Any comments, suggestions or questions welcomed. I chose this flooring for the RV because of cost and the slide-out can function properly without tearing anything up since it’s thin enough but still acts as another layer of insulation.




IMG_2590 IMG_2591


IMG_2592 IMG_4357

Accent wall (by bathroom door and where bunk beds used to be – now storage for clothes, camping gear, climbing gear, vacuum and camera with one bed remaining for guests):


DIY Backsplash

When I moved into the RV I intended to update on a budget. I also needed something durable for bumpy roads, super easy to install (due to limited tools & knowledge), cheap, and no special cleaning requirements (because of limited storage I wanted all my updates to be cleaned with one cleaner).


Supply list:

2 hours, regular scissors, $65.99 (purchased on eBay: Smart Tiles Mosaic Self Adhesive Plastic tiles 12 pack- covered whole area with some room for error),  leveler, ruler & pencil to cut the lines straight.




* I included the below pictures to show where I did have to cut through the backsplash with scissors to fit the space from various distances. I did not pre-plan. I would recommend laying them out and this could be avoided.

End results (including paint updates and decorations):  

The backsplash my first update because I rushed for something easy I could do by myself to make it feel like I was making progress. I was very particular on the order of my updates after this because I wanted cleanup to be easy and didn’t want to paint on anything new. I would recommend the backsplash after painting walls and/or cabinets because I ended up getting paint splatters on it when I painted the cabinets. It has held up great through the Texas summer, cleaning with all purpose cleaner, and is aesthetically appealing.

Homemade sea salt scrub in 3 minutes or less

The Scam.
The other day at a spa, they offered to sell me a $20.00 bottle of ‘sea salt’ body scrub.

The box had 4 ingredients in it.

  1. Epsom Salt
  2. Essential Oils
  3. Vitamin E
  4. Aloe Vera Gel

The Solution.
Save the $20.00 and make your own in 3 minutes or less!

Here Is How.
Grab an old container,
Combined the above ingredients (I used a 12 oz jar and approximately 2 cups epsom salt, 8 drops Lavender essential oil, 2 tbsp, 1 tbsp Aloe vera gel),
Add some 2 Tbsp almond oil (or other oil) till desired texture is reached.

Happy Dance.
This simple chemical-free product is just in time for the dry winter skin, homemade gifts, or a nice product to have in the bathroom!

Homemade body wash in less than 5 minutes

I am super picky about body wash. I want something that gets sudsy, smells clean, and I can smell the clean all over me! I also want it to be with minimal ingredients and not loaded with chemicals I don’t even know how to read on the label. So, after some research, trial & error, and finding some ingredients from local health stores I have decided to trial this homemade body wash made up of:

1/4 cup of Castile soap (lavender scent by preference – optional scent)

12-15 drops of lavender essential oil (optional)

1 cup of filtered water

2.5 ml of vitamin E oil

1 tsp vegetable glycerine

Looks a little runny compared to traditional body wash, but I am hoping it will work.
Looks a little runny compared to traditional body wash, but it lathered the loofa up fine with 2 applications. I reused a previous bottle to up-cycle 😉

How can I transition to live with less?

Once the dream was rolling to live with less, I was promptly fronted with paring down my belongings from a fully furnished, decorated, and lavish house/wardrobe to a 24′ living space. I had about one month before transitioning to my new dwelling situation, the RV I quaintly call, “Away.”


The best tidbit shared to get through this process was, “Hold each item in your hands, look at it, and ask yourself; does this item bring me joy? If yes, then keep it. If not, then donate it.” I also later discovered that by donating items I had emotional attachment or memories with to friends and family, I was still able to see these things being appreciated somewhere else and enjoy them. In the end, since space was limited, I did put some things into storage that I struggled to part with (aka – a corner in my Mom’s garage). I told myself, “in 6 months if those items had not been thought about or touched, then I was just going to purge them – regardless.” It has been 4 months and when I think about that stuff sitting there, I know I am ready to purge it!

Since I have embraced the “less is more”  and believe in the lifestyle, I don’t want anything other than what’s in my home. I desire mobility. The thought of clutter or owning belongings that are not being used overwhelms me. I haven’t missed any material possessions that I have parted with. The only things I miss today have constantly been missed throughout my life, the loved people and places that exist only in my memories.

Without all the clutter and “keeping up with the Joneses” occupying my life, I am able to get back to the basics and enjoy who is in my life and what makes up my life by using what I have. I am free from items collecting dust.


Everything I planned to move to the RV had to fit in one car trip!!!
Everything I planned to move to the RV had to fit in one car trip!!!
I felt nervous but comfortable with my choice to move everything in one car load or it was left behind.
I felt comfortable with my choice to move everything in one car load. I was too concerned about cluttering a 24′ living space.