Desk Job Workouts

I love the idea of getting up and moving around every hour at work.  But let’s keep it 100….you won’t.  Why?  1) If you are the only one in your office doing this, people will look at you funny 2) we forget 3) its awkward.

The solution!  Quit with the excuses and do what I do at my desk for 9 hours a day and see what a game changer it is.

Steps to get moving all day with a desk job:
What you need:
1. Rubber Band
2. A chair
3. Clock
4. Discipline

How to do workouts:
1) Park far away from your office building
2) Every hour get up and walk around to the FAR away bathroom.
3) Once in bathroom, use the large stall.  This is where I do 10 full range motion squats and 10 alternating lunges, and 10 wall push-ups (normal, diamond, and single hand wall push-ups–rotating each time I take my walk break to the bathroom).
4) Stairs only.  If you work on the 1st floor, make an effort to do stairs 3x a day.  If you work on any other floor, add in extra step walking during lunch.
5) The fun stuff, discrete rubber band desk workouts every hour accomplish 10x of each workout: That is 240 times of moving muscles a day!
A. sitting bicep curls (step closer on rubber band to increase difficulty)
B. sitting lateral raises
C. sitting bicep curls
More obvious rubber band workouts (basically you could care less if your co-workers see how amazing your routine is)
A. sitting or standing shoulder press
B. triceps extensions or kickbacks
C. rubber band squats

Bottom Line:
The goal for the above is NOT to replace working out, but to help get you moving more throughout the day!  The human body was meant to do low-impact movement all day long, the above rubber band/walking routine will leave you more energized throughout the day and you will send muscle building signals to your body, resulting in a possibly higher resting metabolic rate.  I average about 480 reps of moving with & without the rubber band throughout the day, and never break a sweat!

If you have any tips or tricks you do at work–feel free to share below!

Take a picture of your workout moves at work and tag it #RubberBandWorkFlow

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