The diary of a choco-holic.

Day 1: Groundhog Day, the diary of a choco-holic…Breaking the cycle!

Hello March 1st.  How are you different then all the other months? Because this is the time I refuse to start over.  The other months and New Years were practice, weak willpower, or me just perfecting how not to stick to a plan.

This month is the one.  The one I actually apply and do what needs to be done.  No chocolate bars or pizza will sway my fortitude for optimal health.  The struggle is real!  The addiction to sweets, the mentality to enjoy the moment, the moments of licking frosting off the spoon with my kiddos has come to an end.  Yes life is about balance and enjoyment, but it also about doing what is best for you.  Personally, I know what I am doing to myself (on the inside) has to come to an end.

So this article is dedicated to all those people struggling on their own health journey.  It is time to quit looking for the perfect moment or some miracle program.  Everything you need to succeed is inside you, believe in the power of you, and exercise your willpower muscle.  No looking for magic pills, wraps, or meal replacement shakes.  Buckle down, do the work, and get back to the basics.

Eat real food, move more, drink water, eliminate fake sugars, play in the sunshine, sleep more, lift heavy things, and be happy. BE HAPPY, that this time we will rise above our vices and succeed.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Day 1overcoming-strength-picture-quote

#YouVsYou #MakeTheRightChoices


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