Low carb pumpkin spice latte 

Are you eating clean or living the low carb lifestyle? 

Do you have anxiety about missing pumpkin spice everything?

Fear not, I’ve come up with a latte that will satisfy those carvings without throwing your lifestyle off track 🎃

Serves 2 


3/4cup Brewed coffee

3/4cup Heavy Whipping Cream

4tbsp 100% pure canned pumpkin

2tsp stevia (I use the liquid kind) or to taste

3tsp pumpkin pie spice or to taste (I love this flavor so I may have added a few more teaspoons)


Brew coffee.

While brewing, pour heavy whipping cream & canned pumpkin into sauce pot.

Turn stove on, medium heat.

Constantly stir mixture until it starts bubbling.

Add in the stevia & pumpkin spice (start off with less and ingridnets to desired taste).

Pour mixture into a blender.

Blend till frothy. About 15 seconds.

After blending pour mixture into coffee mug.

Add in coffee to the mixture. (This is a rich drink, so you could even use decaf for an evening dessert drink!)

Now pour in coffee and stir. This recipe makes enough for two mugs….. or if it is a Monday you should drink it all  😉



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