Cold Brewed Coffee – EASY DIY

Sooooo, this thing called time seems to be running faster and faster…except when I forget to make coffee because I’m in such a rush!!!! A friend shared with me an easy way to make up to two weeks of cold brewed, aka: STRONG, coffee that can be heated (optional) and takes only 24 hours to brew.

What you need: (5 minutes to prep & 24 hours for it to brew)

1.) Some sort of tub to store it in – then pour it in (I prefer 2 tubs for a clean transfer) I used empty food bins from Costco or rinse out juice containers.

2.) 1 cup of coffee grinds per every 4 cups of water

3.) Measuring cup or willingness to risk it

3.) Coffee filter


First things first…Select coffee grounds of your choice. Get filtered water, measuring cup, and a container with a lid. Pour one cup of coffee grinds into measuring cup and dump into container. Add four cups of filtered water for every one cup of coffee grinds. Shake it, stir it, swirl it – just get it all blended up. Place in refrigerator. Over the next 24 hour period, shake it or stir it when you think about it for coffee to brew.

Once the 24 hour period is over, grab whatever filters you decide to use, and sift out grinds while allowing liquid to pour into container with lid for cold brewed coffee readily available in your fridge over the next two weeks! I used coffee filters since they are cheap and readily available.

Although I have yet to try it when camping, I will be taking this on my next camp out to eliminate carrying a percolator (after 24 hour brew period and already filtered). I was informed it can last a few days when not refrigerated.

Warning: The sample I tried was STRONG and did not taste pretty, but it is so easy and readily available COFFEE for 2 weeks in the fridge!!! Plus, if I want it to taste a certain way I can use flavored coffee, creamer, sugar, honey, whatever 🙂 I prefer not to use Keurig type machines when possible because of the plastic and waste they put into our Earth.


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