Peel-N-Stick Vinyl Flooring – DIY EASY

This was done in an RV, but as a previous home owner, I wish I had thought of this for bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms, hallways, or anywhere I wanted an update that won’t cost an arm and a leg. This has held up better than my hardwood floors that were installed in my previous home (although: resale value in a home is something to consider when investing time and money in a project).

DIY flooring (approximate time: 5 hours total):

1.) Configure square footage – I ordered 6 boxes with 10 vinyl planks each to do floor, bathroom and an accent wall by the bunk beds (total = $120) off eBay (self-adhesive vinyl planks hardwood wood Peel’ N Stick Floor Tiles – 10 pieces) in silver spruce for about a 24′ long RV x 7’8″ wide (at max for flooring installments).

2.) Ruler

3.) Exacto knife or paper cutter (scissors will work just not as precise or clean of cuts with the scissors I had).

I was able to install all flooring onto of previous flooring in less than 5 hours over a 2 day period. The bathroom and accent wall took the longest due to more detailed measurements for cutting. I did clean the original flooring as thoroughly as possible, but not to the extent of buying any new cleaners. Then, I laid out sections at a time, peeled the plank following the instructions, and stuck the new flooring right onto the previous vinyl flooring and couldn’t be happier with the end product! I bought this flooring on eBay and it has been wonderful. It survived the hot TX summer, has held up to full-time RV living, the dog’s claws have done no damage, dirt is not very noticeable (determining factor in picking silver spruce color), holds up to generic cleaning chemicals, and survives my cooking spills. I highly recommend something where the flooring says water will not be absorbed. Any comments, suggestions or questions welcomed. I chose this flooring for the RV because of cost and the slide-out can function properly without tearing anything up since it’s thin enough but still acts as another layer of insulation.




IMG_2590 IMG_2591


IMG_2592 IMG_4357

Accent wall (by bathroom door and where bunk beds used to be – now storage for clothes, camping gear, climbing gear, vacuum and camera with one bed remaining for guests):


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