DIY Backsplash

When I moved into the RV I intended to update on a budget. I also needed something durable for bumpy roads, super easy to install (due to limited tools & knowledge), cheap, and no special cleaning requirements (because of limited storage I wanted all my updates to be cleaned with one cleaner).


Supply list:

2 hours, regular scissors, $65.99 (purchased on eBay: Smart Tiles Mosaic Self Adhesive Plastic tiles 12 pack- covered whole area with some room for error),  leveler, ruler & pencil to cut the lines straight.




* I included the below pictures to show where I did have to cut through the backsplash with scissors to fit the space from various distances. I did not pre-plan. I would recommend laying them out and this could be avoided.

End results (including paint updates and decorations):  

The backsplash my first update because I rushed for something easy I could do by myself to make it feel like I was making progress. I was very particular on the order of my updates after this because I wanted cleanup to be easy and didn’t want to paint on anything new. I would recommend the backsplash after painting walls and/or cabinets because I ended up getting paint splatters on it when I painted the cabinets. It has held up great through the Texas summer, cleaning with all purpose cleaner, and is aesthetically appealing.

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