Easy Kombucha Brewing Guide

It may be slimy--but its super yummy!
It may be slimy–but its super yummy!

This is the 1st post of 3 for easy to make kombucha.

Gear you need.
2- 1 Gallon glass jars (1 for brewing/1 for Scoby hotel)
2- Cheese cloths
2- Rubber bands
8-10- Glass bottles to store finished kombucha (I use leftover Pellegrino bottles (mineral water bottles), plus a few growler bottles…b/c they are cute)
Organic sugar
1- Scoby (I found mine off of Amazon.com)
pH strips

How to make.
Servings: 3/4 gallon
10 cups- Water
2 tablespoons- Tea (or 2 tea bags)
1 cup- Sugar
1 cup- Starter tea or white distilled vinegar

How to get the Bucha Brewing party started.
Bring water to a boil and turn off heat. Add tea, blend and steep for 10 minutes. Strain tea, and add in sugar (this brew is called Sweet Tea).

Wait for sweet tea to cool.

Pour cooled sweet tea into 1 gallon glass jar (aka the brewer bottle).

*Note: make sure hands and surface area are clean.  If using anti-bacterial soap to clean, make sure you wipe down the sanitized area with plain water…you do not want to kill the good bacteria with the anti-bacteria soap*

Place Scoby and starter tea into brewer.

Cover brewer with breathable cover (cheese cloth).  This prevents fruit flies and small children from dipping their fingers in!

Wait 4-10 days.

From day 4 begin taste tasting. I like mine a little tart…so I brew about 12 days.

Bottle when pH levels are below 3.5 and your taste buds scream with joy.

Upcoming post on kombucha series:

–How to make a Scoby hotel

–How to make fruit infused Bucha!

Fruit infused kombucha
Fruit infused kombucha

3 thoughts on “Easy Kombucha Brewing Guide

  1. Tammie

    THANKS so much for sharing! Love all the details, especially a list of gear and the note about antibacterial soap! Seems intuitive but I can’t remember if I washed my hands with Dawn or the antibacterial soap on my sink before I handled my scoby. ARGH!


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