Breakfast Coffee

Morning rituals are important.
They give you a way to start the day on autopilot while the body tries to wake up.  My personal MUST have, morning ritual, is Fatty Coffee.  I prefer to eat breakfast later in the day, but still fuel my body with these essential heart healthy fats and caffeine.

What you need.
French Press (or some sort of other coffee maker), coffee beans, grinder, kettle.

This particular cup of Breakfast coffee ☕💜️  has 2 TBSP Heavy Whipping Cream, 2 TBSP MCT Oil, and 1 Scoop of Collagen (on days where I am not working out I will reduce to 1 TBSP of everything).  The nutritional break down: is 44grams of fat, 444 calories, 0 carbs, 0 protein (don’t let those numbers scare you).

What is MCT oil?
It is basically a rich source of medium chain triglycerides (MCT). They consist of 100% capric acid and caprylic acid extracted from Palm fruit. MCTs are instantly converted into energy by the liver, requiring little break down from digestive enzymes and providing long lasting nourishment.

What is in your cup of joe?

What I consume before I break fast.
What I consume before I break-my-fast.

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